We want to use what the earth has provided us in its nature

In the heart of Herzegovina, a land gifted with the sunbathed rock terrains, an abundance of clean and refreshing water, a Mediterranean climate and vast fields of autochthonous healing herbs, the story of Narentas, a natural and organic skin care is born.The basis of our products is thoughtfully sourced ingredients and a combination of autochthonous varieties that can be found specifically in the Herzegovina region. The unique combination of varieties such as immortelle, olive, fig and pomegranate represents an everlasting treasury of therapeutic compounds that removes the signs of time from skin and guarantees its nourished glow – from inside out.Because of their unique healing structure, composition of our products has a high regenerative function - it restores damaged tissue and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect while effectively working on revitalizing tired and mature skin exposed to external and internal stress.Our formulas have proven efficacy and we are proud of the fact that our products are certified by the Biodynamic Federation and bear the title of Demeter brand for certified products from biodynamic farming.We at Narentas believe that there are no shortcuts in skin care. Behind every Narentas product stands a team committed to the values of organic and cruelty-free production, in respectful co-existence with Mother Nature.

Shine not just from the inside

1) cleanse, 2) exfoliate, 3) moisturize, 4) protect with sunscreen, and 5) be gentle with eye area. Consistency and patience are key for healthy, glowing skin.